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                                                        Master Class 


Requirements for the Master class are to have completed training in Reiki 1 and Reiki 2.   A master candidate should have at least 2 years of grounding in self-practice and practice with others.   I recommend attending some of my Reiki shares. Master training is for those who want to teach and devote their life to the Reiki practice.  It helps with spiritual growth and healthy living. As a Master I have had many opportunities to teach, facilitate events like fundraisers and Reiki shares.  I teach the Reiki Master class as Mrs. Takata taught. (traditional and as a sole modality) I teach small classes focusing on the individual person or group. I teach in 3 full days and can be adjusted to more if necessary. You will receive a Reiki Master written manual prepared by me.You will be taught:

  • Meditations to utilize in treatment and teaching settings

  • How to give 4 initiations for Reiki 1 (Takata style)

  • How to give 1 initiation/attunement for Reiki 2 (Takata style )

  • Will receive initiation/ attunement to the Master  symbol

  • Learning details regarding the Master symbol

  • Going deeper into Reiki history

  • More Reiki ethics

  • Going deeper into the Reiki Precepts

  • Syllabi and how to teach classes.

  • Ideas on facilitating events.

  • Hands on practice with initiations

  • Hands on practice using the Master symbol both virtually and hands on.

  • Review of things learned in Reiki 1 and 2

  • Receive a Master certificate.

  • Additional support, no extra cost. 

 Those interested in becoming a Reiki Master should contact me to discuss the Master program. Investment: $900 includes all of this.


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