"My Reiki session with Eileen, as I was recovering from a toe amputation, was a great experience. Eileen's gentle touch, soothing voice, quiet manner, and unhurried style, all enabled me to totally relax to the point of falling asleep almost immediately. After weeks of discomfort and anxiety and dependence on pain medication, it was such a relief to "let go" and enable my body to take care of itself naturally. I would highly recommend Eileen as a Reiki practitioner."

--Carol W.


"The day started out like any other, but this was a special day -- I was being treated to a birthday lunch with Eileen and our friends. As I was getting ready, my son stopped by, asked me to sit down, and told me, as gently as he could, that my grandson had just died in a car accident.

Panicky and upset, I called Eileen, and she immediately came to my house and took such good care of me with Reiki. I felt such calm at a time when my emotions overwhelmed me. Her compassion, gentleness, and most of all, her concern for my feelings through her soft words and gentle touch, relaxed me and yet gave me strength to collect myself and move on to be with my daughter. I highly recommend Eileen as a Reiki practitioner."

--Joanie M.


"I was extremely anxious as the date was approaching for hernia surgery and told Eileen how much I dreaded this procedure. Eileen suggested a Reiki session the day

before surgery. It was a godsend!

Her gentle touch and calming nature produced deep relaxation--exactly what I needed. I was able to sleep well and arrive at the hospital feeling calm and confident. I would recommend Eileen and Reiki in any situation where a restorative, balanced state is desired."

--Allan B.